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BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

Free education and homework resources for students, teachers and parents. 

How Stuff Works

This website is a great resource to find out how things work in your everyday life, from the engine in the car to the television in your room.


Study Guides and Strategies

Use these great tools and methods to plot your path to success in school.



Art & Music


American Museum of Photography

See all from historic to contemporary photos and how to do it at this virtual museum.

Art Cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

Find images, websites, and articles about artists, movements, mediums or search by artwork title.


Music Theory

Ricci Adams' music theory and teen-created basics of music.






Animal Diversity Web

An interesting guide were you can browse through the different classes of the animal kingdom for pictures, sounds and information on the species you're learning about or just researching.


The Biology Project

An online interactive resource that teaches you all about biology, and includes problem sets, explanations, examples and tutorials.

Genetic Science Learning Center 

A guide to the basics and hot topics in genetics by the University of Utah.


Rainforest Action Network

All about rainforests and the need for their protection and a gateway to many other rainforest links.



Citation Guides


APA Style by OWL


Chicago Style by OWL


MLA Style by OWL

Earth & Space


Astronomy Cafe

Do you have a question about astronomy and space science? At this site a NASA scientist has an archive of thousands of questions that visitors have sent in since August 1995.

The Dynamic Earth: the Story of Plate Tectonics

A fun, interactive guide to the shifting of the earth's surface, leading to earthquakes, volcanoes and a huge mountain range in the middle of the ocean.

An overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system.

The Savage Earth

Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis explained, with animations for viewing how they happen.

Foreign Language

Transparent Language

Brought to you by NCLive, Transparent Language provides a fun, effective, and engaging experience for learners of all levels looking to build their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a foreign language. With over 110 languages to choose from, including English for speakers of over 30 languages, there is something for every learner.



Ben's Guide to U.S. Government

An easy guide to facts about the U.S. Government and its history, including descriptions of each branch of the government and important documents.

Captures the most gripping, surprising and fascinating stories about famous people.


CIA World Factbook

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.


Library of Congress Country Studies

Information about different countries and cultures.


Encyclopedia Mythica

Folklore and myth from countries around the world and throughout history, including biographies goddesses, gods, and heroes from many different cultures.


Famous Trials

Notable trials throughout history compiled and maintained by the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.


Federal Statistics

Statistics form multiple United States Federal Government Agencies, included the United States Census Bureau.

History Place Holocaust Timeline

A timeline of the events of the holocaust, with links to other sources.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States' official memorial to the Holocaust. Adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the USHMM provides for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history.

Hyper History Online

Detailed timelines, charts, maps, text and links.



Language Arts


Getting an A on an English Paper

A comprehensive guide to writing a winning English paper every time.


Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

A guide to spelling, grammar, and punctuation that covers all the little details you need to know for your paper.

Absolute Shakespeare

Comprehensive resource for Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre.



Provides literature summaries and analysis for many popular and classical works. Find detailed summaries, character information, critical analysis, and literature references.


Book Rags

 One of the largest, most respected student education websites, with over 4 million unique pages of content.


Grade Saver

GradeSaver is one of the top editing and literature sites in the world.


Poetry 180

A poem a day for American high schools from Billy Collins, former poet laureate of the United States.




Ask Dr. Math

Math questions and answers.

The world of math online.

Physical Science


WebElements Periodic Table

Chemical elements with illustrations, descriptive data, history, uses, and compounds.


General Chemistry Online

A great basic guide to chemistry that includes trivia quizzes and exam survival guides.




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