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  • What is StudentAccess?
    StudentAccess is a partnership between Johnston County Affiliated Libraries and most schools located within Johnston County to provide students access to electronic resources, books, audiobooks, and other resources available through the public library using their PowerSchool number. Currently all Johnston County Public Schools and Neuse Charter School participate in the program.
  • What are StudentAccess library accounts?
    Free library accounts automatically created for students and teachers of participating schools.
  • What library resources can a StudentAccess account use?
    Students have access to up to 10 library books or audiobooks, plus eBooks and eAudiobooks, and a plethora of other online library resources.
  • What do you need to do to get a StudentAccess library account?
    Nothing. Students and teachers in participating schools automatically have StudentAccess accounts unless they opt out of participation. Students and teachers will use their PowerSchool number as their library card number, and the last 4 digits of the PowerSchool number will serve as their PIN/password (if needed).
  • How does this affect my regular Johnston County Affiliated Libraries card?
    It doesn't! All students with existing library cards will keep those cards and may continue to use them as they normally would. You have access to even more resources with a traditional library card (resource sharing from other NC Cardinal member libraries and ability to check out up to 20 items). However, you will incur late fees on your traditional card should you have overdue materials.
  • What's the barcode number and PIN for my StudentAccess account?
    Use your PowerSchool number for the barcode/library card number and the last four digits of the PowerSchool number as your PIN.
  • Are there any limitations of on StudentAccess accounts?
    You can only have 10 books or audiobooks checked out on these accounts at any one time. Also, you cannot request items from NC Cardinal libraries outside Johnston County via resource sharing.
  • What resources do students have access to with these accounts?
    Students can access eBooks and eAudiobooks through NCKids and Libby by OverDrive as well as a plethora of online resources through NC LIVE.
  • How long are the checkout periods on StudentAccess accounts?
    Standard check out policies will apply to these accounts. Most items check out for 3 weeks; some check out for only 7 days, but these items will be clearly marked. Check out periods for electronic resources vary.
  • Are students permitted to use library computers with their StudentAccess accounts?
    Yes. The PowerSchool number can be used to log into library computers just as a regular library card would (must be at least 10 years old or accompanied by a parent).
  • Do students have access to their accounts online to renew, etc.?"
    Yes. Students can log in to the catalog with their PowerSchool number and PIN to view the items checked out on their account as well as to renew or request items (within Johnston County). Students will use the last 4 digits of their PowerSchool number as their PIN/Password.
  • What about fines?
    Even though the items on the account may appear overdue, no fines should accumulate on StudentAccess accounts. However, if an item is lost or damaged the cost of the item will be billed to the student's account barring them from library use until the item is returned or the cost is paid.
  • Can I have a regular library card too?
    Absolutely! You are welcome to get a traditional library card per our library card policy at There are some additional benefits of having a traditional library card including an increased total checkout limit of 20 items instead of the 10 offered to StudentAccess accounts. You will also be able to request items from NC Cardinal libraries outside of Johnston County with a traditional card. Please note, traditional cards do incur fines for overdue materials, however.
  • If a student has fines on their regular library card, can they still use their StudentAccess account?"
    Yes. The two accounts are not connected in any way.
  • Can students opt out of the StudentAccess program?
    Yes. A parent or guardian simply needs to complete an opt-out form and return it to their school. The opt-out form is available at your child's school.
  • Once I graduate, will my StudentAccess card still work?"
    You will have a grace period through Summer during which your StudentAccess card will remain active. This will give you an opportunity to get a traditional library card if you do not already have one. Your StudentAccess account will expire on the October 1st following graduation.
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