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A Note from the Director

In late Spring 2022, the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield (PLJCS) facilitated the process of creating a strategic blueprint. The Library Director, library staff, and stakeholders worked to craft a community needs survey and overall three year
library strategic plan for implementation. Amanda Johnson and Laure
n Clossey helped the library facilitate this planning process.

The mission behind this project was to develop a flexible framework to allow PLJCS to integrate itself into its communities. The vision is to move the library forward into a new transformation.

The community needs survey was distributed in September and October 2022 to community sites, online and within the library, and to various stakeholders and library supporters. The responses and feedback were used to evaluate, d
etermine, and craft the next chapter in PLJCS’s future on how the library can improve its service to the community.

The following document opens the library’s doors to better serve our communities and visitors through new and existing services. PLJCS will utilize this strategic roadmap to foster and grow meaningful relationships with our county and various town entities and allow staff to shine in their work by focusing on excellent customer service and transforming the library’s future.



     Johnnie Pippin


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