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We'll automatically renew items for you 1 day prior to their due dates when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still renew manually?

Yes, but it's not necessary. Both manual renewals and auto renewals count toward your maximum available renewals for an item.

What makes an item ineligible for auto renewal?

The following items are inelible for auto renewal: - Items that other patrons are waiting for. - Items that have reached their maximum number of renewals. - Digital items. - Any outstanding issues with your account that would block you from checking out additional items will also prevent auto renewals (exceeds maximum number of checked out items, has balance of $15 or more, etc.).

How do I know whether my item auto renewed or not?

As long as we have a valid email account on file for you, our system will email you when it attempts to auto renew your item(s) to let you know the outcome. If item(s) could not be renewed, you will need to return them to the library.

How does auto renewal work?

- Any physical items on your account that are eligible for renewal will automatically renew 1 day prior to their due date. - All patrons are automatically enrolled for this benefit, and no signup is required. - Digital items are excluded from auto renewal.

An item I have checked out didn't auto renew. Why?

If your item could not be auto renewed and we have a valid email address on file for you, we sent you an email letting you know the item could not be renewed along with the reason why.

What happens if an item cannot be auto renewed?

We'll let you know by email. Items that cannot be auto renewed will keep their original due date.

Do I need to sign up?

You don't need to do anything to benefit from auto renewals. All accounts in good standing are eligible.