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24/7 Holds Locker


  • Located inside PLJCS vestibule
  • Convenient pickup of material held 24/7

How to Use

  1. Click Search tab at top of this page.
  2. Click NC Cardinal.
  3. Login to your account with library card number/PIN.
  4. Find desired items by searching.
  5. Click Place Hold on desired items.
  6. Choose Smithfield_Locker as pickup location and email or text as notification option.
  7. When items are ready, you will receive a notification and you will have 5 days to pick up.
  8. When arriving at the locker, you can either scan your library card or use the touchscreen to input your library account number.
  9. Once your library account has been activated, the locker will pop open that contains your held material(s) and the items will be checked out to your account.
  10. The locker will print out your receipt. Please shut the locker door once finished.

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