Disruptive Behaviors Policy


In order that the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield may function properly as a library in providing a quiet, pleasant environment conducive to serious study as well as casual use, the Board of Trustees holds that the following forms of conduct are deemed unacceptable and not permitted in the library or on library property:


  • Loud conversation or laughter which is disturbing to others.


  • Obscene or abusive language.


  • Blocking or interfering with the free movement of individuals.


  • Sitting, standing, or lying on tables, stacks, or stair steps inside library building.


  • Rearranging of any furniture or equipment from one location to another.


  • Sitting at tables beyond the limit of chairs normally assigned to that table.


  • Smoking in the library building.


  • Loitering or sleeping.


  • Consumption of food.


  • Bringing animals into library building, other than seeing-eye dogs.


  • Listening to radios, recordings, CDs, or cassettes except with earphones.


  • Sexual activity, solicitation, following staff or users around the building, or other harassing behavior such as staring or other intimidating acts.


  • Consumption or exchange of alcoholic beverages and drugs on library property.


  • Use of rest rooms for meetings, loitering, solicitation for immoral purposes, consumption or exchange of drugs and alcoholic beverages.


  • Solicitation of money, selling of any kind (except sales of public library material by library staff or Friends as authorized by the library), or distribution of literature not approved by the library administration.


  • Use of library telephones by anyone other than library personnel unless use is approved by an employee.


  • Entry to non-public areas except by invitation or approval of library personnel.


  • Theft, mutilation, and defacement of library property.


  • Threats, abuse, and/or physical harm to library patrons or employees.


  • Taking library property outside library buildings without authorization by library personnel through established lending procedures.


  • Other activities which are illegal or which prevent staff and patrons from using library services, furniture, facilities, and materials for their intended purposes.


  • Use of elevator except by permission of library personnel.


  • Parking in the bookmobile driveway behind library building.


  • Bearing unauthorized firearms or other lethal weapons.


  • Riding skateboards or rollerblades on library property, and at library entrances.


  • Engaging in disorderly conduct, committing a nuisance, or unreasonably disturbing and/or offending library users or staff.



Approved by Library Board of Trustees November, 1994



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