Curbside Pickup Service


Pick up your holds from the convenience of your vehicle with our Curbside Pickup Service powered by 

Try our new online myLIBRO appointment scheduler to select the holds pickup time online that works best for you!


STEP 1: Place your items on hold

  • You may place holds by:

    • Using the myLIBRO app on your device,

    • Logging into your Library Account, or

    • Calling us at 984-985-CURB

  • You will be notified via app notification, email, text, or phone when your hold is ready

    • Remember to wait until you receive a notification your hold is ready before scheduling a Curbside Pickup appointment!

STEP 2: Schedule a Curbside Pickup appointment

  • Use the myLIBRO app

    • Download the myLIBRO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

    • In the myLIBRO app, choose Johnston County Affiliated Libraries and use your account information to log in

    • Choose your pickup date & time, & simply follow the directions in the app

  • Go online to the myLIBRO appointment scheduler

    • Follow the directions to choose your pickup date & time

  • Call us at 984-985-CURB to set up a pickup time


STEP 3: Pick up your items

  • If using the myLIBRO app, select “I’m on my way” in the app when heading to the library for quicker service

  • Arrive at the Library at your scheduled time and park in one of the designated Curbside Pickup spots

  • Let us know you have arrived by following the Curbside sign directions

  • Please wait patiently for your hold items to be delivered


  • If you have items to return, place them in the drive-up drop box in the parking lot.

  • If you cannot make it to the Library and need an extra day to pick up your hold items, just contact the Circulation Department at 984-985-CURB.

Having trouble with the myLIBRO app?  Use the myLIBRO Patron Help Guide!

The Library reserves the right to cancel or limit Curbside Pickup due to inclement weather or limited staffing.