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Money as You Grow







Introducing 4-to-10-year-olds to important money concepts

The Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield is hosting a Money as You Grow Book Club this summer to help your child discover key money concepts through reading, play, and quiet one-on-one talks with you. Developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the book club is a family activity that uses 16 age-appropriate books each with its own free reading guide to help you explore the books with your child.

Tips to make reading more fun:

Each guide will help you explore key money concepts and skills with your child by:

  • Helping you explain the key ideas in the books.

  • Suggesting things to think about before reading the books with your child.

  • Providing questions to talk about with your child.

  • Suggesting activities that help your child put ideas and lessons into action.

By the time you and your child finish reading and discussing each story, your child should be able to understand key money ideas in the book and in real life.

For details on the book club, look for the Money as You Grow display in the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield or ask a member of the library staff for help finding the books and discussion guides.