Code of Conduct


The mission of the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield is to provide a full range of library services to individuals of all ages. The library service will not be denied or abridged because of race, religion, age, gender, handicap conditions, national origin, belief, social and/or political views The library strives to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all of our patrons, to provide a pleasant and orderly facility conducive to effective use of library services and materials. The library intends to continue to provide services with a minimum of regulations and restrictions.

The administration has the responsibility of assuring a pleasant experience for all library users. To meet this responsibility, the library staff will identify behavior that infringes on the rights of patrons or staff and/or threatens the safety of library property. The library staff will then deal with the behavior according to the guidelines of this policy, and may contact law enforcement when deemed appropriate.

If the violations continue, patron’s privileges will be revoked.

An individual excluded from the Library property may appeal in writing to the Library Director. Decisions of the Director may be appealed in writing to the Library Board.

Inappropriate behavior; violations of any Federal, State, and Local Ordinance; and violations of Library, policies are prohibited. Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Solicitation of any kind

  • Making disruptive noises such as talking loud, screaming, listening to music, and hitting the library furniture

  • Using obscene, abusive language, or engaging in inappropriate action toward staff or patrons

  • Selling, using, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

  • Threatening or committing acts of physical violence against staff or patrons

  • Blocking or in any way interfering with the free movement of any person or persons

  • Displaying inappropriate materials that violate the Internet Use Policy

  • Failure to follow the library’s Computer and Internet Access Policy

  • The use of library telephone by anyone other than library personnel unless the use is approved by an employee 

  • Carrying weapons on any kind 

  • Congregating around the entrance/exits, stairways or any other library property in a manner that blocks easy access to the library’s facilities for patrons or staff

  • Consumption of unauthorized food

  • Drinks that are not in closed containers such as covered cups, or plastic bottles

  • Sleeping and loitering

  • Sexual activities 

  • Staring at or intimidating library staff

  • Smoking on the property, which includes tobacco products or vaping

  • Skateboarding or skating

  • Displaying material/literature that has not been approved by the Library Director.

  • Entering the library without footwear and clothes that cover the lower and upper parts of the body. Babies that are being carried are exempt from the shoe requirement.

  • Parents/Legal Guardians leaving children under the age of 11 in the library unattended

  • Leaving vulnerable individuals (i.e. individuals with a mental or physical impairment who are unable to protect themselves from abuse or exploitation or comprehend and comply with library policies)

  • Misusing the restrooms. This includes: bathing, drinking, using drugs, sexual activities, and loitering

  • Parents/Legal Guardians who fail to pick up their children before closing time. If the parent hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, staff will notify the police.

  • Running, climbing, or jumping in the building

  • Misuse of library furnishings, materials, or equipment

  • Theft and defacement of library property

  • Bringing animals, other than service animals into the library without the staff approval

  • Parking in the bookmobile driveway behind the library building

  • Using cellphones in the computer lab 

  • Wearing head gear of facial covering except for medical or religious reasons

  • Engaging in any other behaviors deemed inappropriate by North Carolina Laws


Courteous behavior is expected of everyone in the library. Please be considerate of others and follow staff requests.


Approved by Library Board of Trustees January, 28, 2020



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