Browsing by Appointment FAQ

Q – What is “browsing by appointment?”

A – “Browsing by Appointment” allows our patrons to enter PLJCS, select their own materials from the shelves, and checkout in person while following safe social distancing practices.

Q – How does it work?

A – Read our Browse by Appointment info prior to scheduling an appointment.  Then:

  • Use the myLIBRO app

    • Download the myLIBRO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

    • In the myLIBRO app, choose Johnston County Affiliated Libraries and use your account information to log in

    • Choose your browse date & time, & simply follow the directions in the app

  • Go online to the myLIBRO appointment scheduler

    • Follow the directions to choose your browse date & time

  • Call us at 984-985-APPT to set up a browse time

A Circulation staff member will allow you into the building once you arrive at your scheduled time.


Q – Are there rules?  What are they?

A – Please follow the following rules while visiting the library:

  • One person or family group per appointment.

  • No unattended children.

  • You must wear a face mask properly the entire time you are in the Library.  Face masks are required for our guests two years and older.

  • One person or family group in the elevator at a time.

  • Seating is only available, upon request, for the old or infirm who may need it to rest.

  • Maintain social distance of 6 feet from staff and other patrons at all times.

Q – Once inside can I go anywhere in the Library?

A – No. If you have signed up to browse the Fiction collection on the first floor, you may only go there without entering the Children’s section and vice versa.  If you have signed up to browse the Nonfiction collection on the second floor, you may only go there without entering the Young Adult section and vice versa.  Two separate browsing appointments may be made in order to browse two collections in the same day.


Q – I want to browse the Children’s section and then get something for myself in the Adult section.  Can I do that?

A – No, but if you have holds available, you can schedule a Curbside Pickup for the same time as your browsing appointment.


Q – How long do I have to pick something out?

A – Appointments are 30 minutes long in total.  This includes the time it will take you to check out your items.


Q – I may need help finding something.  Will someone be there to help me?

A – Yes.  Reference, Circulation, and Children’s Librarians will be at their usual desks.

Q – I have books on hold that are ready for pickup.  Can I pick them up during my browsing appointment?

A – Yes.  Speak with Circulation staff to check out your books on hold.

Q – Does this mean you are ending curbside pickup?

A – No.  Browsing by appointment is in addition to curbside pickup.  If you wish to continue using curbside pickup you may do so, and we encourage this.

Q – I have valid reasons for not wearing a mask.  Can I still browse the Library?

A – No.  Library staff will be happy to help you use curbside pickup.

Q – I’m feeling just a little sick. I’m sure it’s nothing.  Can I still come to the Library?

A – No.  However, if you can’t come to the Library, the Library will come to you.

Having trouble with the myLIBRO app?  Use the myLIBRO Patron Help Guide!