About Us

cultivating passion for reading and learning

Our Mission


Our mission is to enhance the overall quality of life in our communities by promoting and developing readers of all ages and cultivating in them a passion for lifelong reading and learning.



Strategic Plan


Beginning in September 2012, a community-based planning committee met and helped develop a five-year strategic plan for the public libraries of Johnston County.  Community stakeholders, the public at large, and library staff members provided input and feedback to the community planning committee throughout the process.  The resulting plan guides us through 2018 and can be viewed in its entirety here.



Board of Trustees


The Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield is a nonprofit organization governed by a 12-Member Board of Trustees with 6 positions appointed by the Town of Smithfield and 6 positions appointed by Johnston County.  The term of appointment is 3 years with re-appointments made at the approval of the town and county.  Meetings typically are held at 6:00 pm at the library and are open to the public unless a "called Closed Session" is necessary.

2021 Board Meeting Dates:

Jan 25

Mar 29

May 24

Jul 26

Sep 27

Nov 29

Click on the links below to contact Board of Trustees members via e-mail.

Chairperson Jeff Jennings, Clayton (County) Appointed 6/7/2021

Vice-Chairperson Megan Shaner, Smithfield (County) Appointed 6/1/2015

Treasurer Debbie Cobb, Princeton (County) Appointed 8/4/2008

Lizzet Acevedo, Smithfield (County) Appointed 12/7/2020

Connie Barbour, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 3/2/2021

Janice Bizzell, Princeton (County) Appointed 10/3/2014

Rick Childrey, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 5/2/2017

Crystal Kimpson Roberts, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 2/7/2017

Terri Lee, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 8/13/2019 

Alesia Sanders, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 5/17/2020

Jennifer Seagraves, Cleveland (County) Appointed 8/2/2021

Jane Shipman, Smithfield (Town) Appointed 1/7/2020

(1) Vacant County Position